Hi! This is the technical website for Precision Flight Controls. Are you sure you want to be here? Here's our regular website: flypfc.com

If you want technical support, you probably want https://flypfc.com/customer-service/ or https://flypfc.com/contact/.

If you're looking for our test and calibration tools, you're in luck: PFCTools.zip

At this time we do not have instructions for installing the bootloader and driver; if you're familiar with Windows driver installation you may be able to do it alone. Also at this time Tech support does not have the knowledge or training required to assist you.
If you're looking for the bootloader programmer utility (now included in PFCTools.zip), it's here: PFC Cypress Loader Program.zip
If you need to install the bootloader driver, you'll find it in PFC Cypress Loader USB Driver.zip, along with the Microsoft redistributable that may be needed.
To get all the bootloader parts in one file you can download PFC Cypress Loader all.zip.

For the old (legacy) technical site, try http://flypfc.net:8000/. Please note that this is NOT our main site! For that you need to go to https://flypfc.com. If you want technical support, go to https://flypfc.com/customer-service/ or https://flypfc.com/contact/.